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Koru Berry Farm and Special Events Venue

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Breathtaking views


Koru Berry Farm and Special Events is located on 22 acres of aronia berry farmland in Homestead Ia., just 3 miles from the Amana Colonies. Our aronia bushes offer white flowers in spring and red/orange foliage in fall! A perfect backdrop for any special occasion.

Your Choice!


We offer what other wedding venues don't. Freedom of choice! At Koru, you have the option to choose any caterer and bar tending service. No choosing from a pre set list. No hidden fees. No nonsense.  

Our Indoor Venue


Koru offers a large vaulted space with a modern industrial decor, yet neutral enough to welcome your special event theme.

Our signature Aronia Wine

Made with Koru's harvested aronia berries, Ackerman winery, who is an award wining winery in the Amana Colonies, has joined with us to make this delicious wine! Our Aronia wine starts sweet in taste and finishes dry. This unique wine makes a great addition to any special occasion or a treat at the end of your day! 

Our bottles are sold in our gift shop and cost 13 dollars per bottle or 10 dollars a bottle for a case.

Aronia Berries are native to North America and have been used for hundreds of years for their nutritional value. The Aronia Berry is a berry that has the highest level of antioxidants than any other super berry and can benefit the body in many ways.


Published studies conducted with Aronia Berries have shown positive impacts on vascular health, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and inflammation.


Aronia Berries are high in anti-inflammatory properties that may help combat chronic disease and the effects of aging.


Aronia Berry research has shown promise in the reduction of inflammation that can lead to diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis.


Foods such as Aronia Berries have been widely studied and report positive impact on brain aging, including improved memory function.


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Koru Berry Farm and Special Events Venue

1685 U Ave, Homestead, Iowa 52236, United States

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