About Us

The Happels

When an artist and a landscaper fell in love...

Koru is a family owned and operated aronia berry  farm. Deda Happel is a professional artist /painter  who put her heart and soul into making Koru a one of a kind venue.  From large 20 foot custom abstract murals  to custom bar tops, Deda has  shown her passion for art and decorating and is the creative force behind Koru.  

Neil Happel has been landscaping professionally for 18 years and has transformed Koru 's scapes into intimate outdoor spaces that you cant help but explore. Neil is the powerhouse behind Koru's ceremony sites which include a 100 year old willow tree that he revealed from weeds and brush and a gorgeous 8ft waterfall with a living wall that he designed and built himself. 

Neil And Deda  have made their living dreaming and coming up with amazing art and landscapes for their clients and now they have turned their focus to Koru and making your dream wedding possible.

Ethan is their son and is the hardest working 12 year old out there. From helping to park cars to driving the bride on the golf cart to the ceremony. Together, they will stop at nothing to make sure your special day is perfect. 

The Meaning of Koru

The Koru symbol originates from the Māori, the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.  The koru (Māori for "loop") is a spiral shape based on the appearance of a new unfurling silver fern frond. It is an integral symbol in Māori art, carving and tattooing, where it symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace.